IMGP2407  Kirkwall on day of departure IMGP2413  En route to Aberdeen IMGP2414  Middleham IMGP2415  Middleham - Black Swan
IMGP2418  Our hire car (upgrade!) IMGP2419  Another view of our luxurious hire car IMGP2420  Middleham - bar of Black Swan IMGP2422  Middleham castle exterior
IMGP2423  Middleham castle, mysterious bouquet of flowers IMGP2425 IMGP2426  Bolton castle - courtyrad and archery demo site IMGP2427  Bolton castle - dungeon
IMGP2429  Bolton castle - Liz waiting for archery demo to begin IMGP2431  Bolton castle - Dora the little-eared own and her handler IMGP2435  Bolton castle - Dora again IMGP2438
IMGP2440  Bolton castle - vineyard IMGP2441  Bolton castle - maze IMGP2444  Bolton castle - Liz in herb garden IMGP2446  Bolton castle - frontal view
IMGP2455  Middleham church - lychgate IMGP2456  Middleham church IMGP2458  Middleham church interior IMGP2462  Hayfield - Royal Hotel, my four poster bed
IMGP2466  Hayfield - newsagents (was Kate Lowe) IMGP2467  Hayfield - parish church IMGP2468  Hayfield - Liz at Bowden bridge IMGP2469  Hayfield - me near Bowden bridge
IMGP2471  Traveller's Rest near Leek IMGP2475  Hayfield - Liz photographing the war memorial IMGP2477 IMGP2478  Hayfield - parish church and 20 trees
IMGP2479  Haddon Hall - approach IMGP2481  Haddon Hall - Tudor re-enactors IMGP2482  Haddon Hall - chapel IMGP2484  Haddon Hall - King John's wall
IMGP2491  Haddon Hall - Tudor washerwoman IMGP2492  Haddon Hall - Tudor armourer IMGP2493  Haddon Hall - junior washerwoman IMGP2494  Haddon Hall - Tudor re-enactors
IMGP2499  Haddon Hall - Tudor re-enactors IMGP2502  Haddon Hall - garden IMGP2503  Haddon Hall - garden IMGP2505  Haddon Hall - Liz enjoying the sunshine
IMGP2507  Heading north again IMGP2523  Nearing Orkney - barriers just in view IMGP2525  Kirkwall airport IMGP2530  Kirkwall - waiting for the Stronsay boat